Monthly Racism Round-Up: November Edition

1. Minarets in Switzerland:

In an attempt to do a war reenactment of the Crusades (this time through zoning and design review), Switzerland just voted on officially banning the construction of minarets in the country (57.5% of voters supported it).

Neutral my ass. They don’t mind holding Nazi money for safe-keeping but an architectural feature that symbolizes Islam is no good? Thanks Switzerland, I am no longer going to mistake a Swede for a Swiss or Switzerland for Sweden anymore cause Swedes don’t hate Muslims like your impartial asses do:

Sweden’s foreign minister, Carl Bildt, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, described the vote as “an expression of quite a bit of prejudice and maybe even fear.”

(via Goatmilk)

2. If You’re a Brown Kid Gone Missing, You’re S.O.L.:

Francisco Hernandez, a NYC boy with Asperger’s syndrome, went missing for 11 days in the subway system.  The boy’s mother feels the NYPD were negligent on the case because she is a Mexican immigrant (sadly, this would fit into a long history of lack of priority and media coverage for missing brown children), and asked how her son went unnoticed for so long despite surveillance cameras and a police search. Francisco rode the trains and survived on water and snacks — someone get this kid a spot on “Survivor”!

Thanks Sherdizz!

3. Black Actors Disappear:

When the film Couples Retreat was marketed in the UK, the actors playing the African American couple – Kali Hawk and Faizon Love- were cut out of the promo posters. True, maybe these actors have the least “star power” in Britain, and the studio was trying to make the poster appear less cluttered. Nonetheless this move resulted in a PR disaster after Universal was flooded with complaint letters and negative UK press coverage for this racial slight. US and UK versions:

Thanks SherDizz!

4. If The Buddha Was A Fundraiser

OK, maybe this article by a consultant at Management Assistance Group isn’t outright overt racism, but it’s at least highly annoying/mildly offensive. I actually got this forwarded to me at work.

Now, I realize there’s a whole “WWJD” market out there….but would it be deemed appropriate to send out an article entitled:  “If Our Lord and Savior Jeebus Kryst Was a Fundraiser?” Or, “If the Pope Was a Fundraiser?” Or Yahweh?

Yes, I realize this intentions of the author are good and the article is about generosity and raising resources in the nonprofit sector blah de blah, but still. Our religion and Buddha’s image have been so commodified that apparently he can be invoked by non-Buddhists to help them with their workplace conundrums. Is nothing sacred? Guess not, as long as it’s not your religion (and if you picked it up in college during World Theologies 101 or from a weekend meditational retreat, that doesn’t count). If we can’t talk about God in the workplace, then Buddha should be off-limits too…or is he not enuf of a heavy-hitter in the holy who’s who for white people to treat Buddhism with true respect, rather than with flippant hokeyness or convenience?


One thought on “Monthly Racism Round-Up: November Edition

  1. 1. Prejudice indeed.
    2. They show a few shots of my local subway stop, Coney Island 🙂
    3. It’s a Vince Vaughn movie. He had a good role in Old School, but that’s about the only movie of his that I can stand.
    4. We could say the same about Sun Tzu’s The Art of War… or how about “Zen and the Art of Archery”? And if anyone needs to ask themselves WWJD?, they’re bad Christians! For shame!


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