A Few Reasons Why John Cho > Ken Jeong

We at BcB have always been critical of Hollywood for portrayals of Asian Americans and to some degree, the actors that play the roles. And a lot of times, other Asian American blogs have also (see The Minority Militant’s Project X Fund).

But not everyone thinks Karate Kid II was a few steps back for Asian Americans and some even think Ken Jeong is harmless most of the time. Which warms the empty black hole where a heart should be when Ishmael Reed decided to republish a post we wrote for Goatmilk, this time on his online zine, Konch Magazine. Cause we need to get the word out to the rest of the world, even that guy at Best Buy in line for Crash on Blu-Ray.


One thought on “A Few Reasons Why John Cho > Ken Jeong

  1. I still haven’t touched Community.

    I think actors are pawns in the directors’ control of their TV shows. And if you remember that scene from the movie Crash, even the director can’t help the stereotypes.


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