Disney Does it Again (maybe)

I’m not gonna pass judgement until I see the movie, but I’m expecting the worst from Disney based on this poster alone. Props to them for finally having an African American princess, but you know how Disney is. Characters are usually one-dimensional, good or bad, black or white. Which is why I’m glad Pixar pretty much runs Disney now, cause their characters usually have a heckofa lot more depth. So I’m hoping John Lasseter does a good job on his first Disney animated film…

Click to check out the trailer.



2 thoughts on “Disney Does it Again (maybe)

  1. I’m also diggin the new layout. Let me know if you need any help with the web designing.

    From what I remember from the trailer in the theatre, Disney tries (maybe a little bit too hard) to incorporate Southern and Caribbean elements into the film? This is all from seeing a 2 minute trailer, mind you.


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