This Is It: BANANA on Saturday in SoCal

Here’s the latest update on BANANA, the first ever panel of Asian American bloggers to convene this Saturday, November 21st:

Event starts earlier at 3pm (until 6pm)

Location moved to U.S.C. (University Park Campus – Taper Hall, Room 101

Bloggers scheduled to attend include Angry Asian Man, Minority Militant, AZNRaps, 8Asians, Neaato (Network of Entertaining Asian American Talent), Hyphen Magazine, Mochi Magazine, Channel APA, Bicoastal Bitchin’, AArising, Antisocial Ladder, Nikkei View, VisualizAsian, Kimchi Mamas, Asian Pacific Americans for Progress, DVAN (Diasporic Vietnamese American Network), big wowo, and Sepia Mutiny.

Meet and Greet with bloggers at Zip Fusion

Thanks again to Steve and Lac for arranging all this and inviting us!


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