Guess What Rhymes with Bo?

You guessed it…join me, gentle readers, in welcoming the newest addition to BCB’s Top Hoebags List: Bo Dietl!

Last week, appearing on Don Imus’ radio show (red flag #1), Fox News regular (red flag #2), attacked Katie Couric with all sorts of sexist and racist fuckery. First: “She looks like a Halloween cartoon. She’s got her eyes pulled so far, she’s starting to look Chinese herself. Enough with these face lifts, alright Kate.”  And no reference to “Chinese” eyes would be complete without the accompanying eye pull.

Dietl later remarked that Couric’s eyes are “getting smaller and smaller….Ten years ago, she looked American. Today she is an oriental.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.
And today Bo, you are a sleazy, sweaty, mouth-breathing walrus stuffed into a cheap suit. You can’t polish a turd, Dietl. Looks like this one and lil’ Miley Cyrus were cut from the same, shit-fer-brains cloth. 
The Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) released a statement criticizing Dietl for his offensive behavior. They’re encouraging folks to send a letter of objection to: Roger Ailes, President of Fox News Channel, at 1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036.
Congratulations Bo Dietl!!! Welcome to the muthaluvin’ Hoebag List, hoebag.

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