Anh Joseph Cao: Father, Husband, Representative, and American

Joseph Anh Cao, no stranger to BcB, has gained Barbera Lee status this week by being the only Republican to go against party lines and voting FOR universal health care.

Anh Cao, I salute you. You truly are a brother (what Anh means in Vietnamese) and your words are wise:

“I had to make a decision and I felt that last night’s decision was the right decision for my district,” he added. “Even though it was not the popular decision for my party.”

Although your election was based on controversy (the NOLA district Cao represents is majority Dem and didn’t come out for his election), the fact that you’re voting for what your constiuents need is admirable.

Health care is a Fundamental Right. It goes beyond taxes, big insurance, and party lines. It’s about my aunt, mother of three daughters and unemployed for five months and diagnosed with cancer just a few months before her new job’s health insurance kicked in. It’s about the intern at my work who has two jobs and no insurance, who recently scored bronchitis. She medicated herself (very well I might add) with over-the-counter drugs cause she’s been doing this without health care for so damn long.

This bill is not just meant for the very, very poor who are covered by Medicare already and it’s definitely not for the super rich with amazing health insurance that’s included with their Faberge eggs and stock options plan. It’s for you, and it’s for me.

My ass is on Cobra right now, so you can be damn sure I’m donating to Cao’s very uphill battle to get re-elected in NOLA during his next election. Donate here or be a fan on his Facebook page. Just keep a careful eye on him in case he treads back into Republican territory…


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