Friday Fuckery: David Chang Drunkstedness


Since chef David Chang has received much flak recently (including from this blog) from his “Fig-gate” controversy, I’m linking to this just for the hell of it. And because of the the lovely K-Town fried chicken footage. And plenty of delightful slurring on the part of Chang.

Although Chang has a reputation for being a douche, I have to give him respect for his taste in food and some choice one liners:

Sue Chan: Woo! This is spicy.

David Chang: Are you Asian?!

Off camera: What’s the preparation for the pork?

Chang: The preparation for the pork is a couple teaspoons of salt, and some black pepper, and a couple hours of don’t fuckin worry about it.”

But one thing really bugs me: what happened to Sue Chan’s pants?


One thought on “Friday Fuckery: David Chang Drunkstedness

  1. Bourdain actually loves San Francisco. He’s suspicious of the lefties and hippies but on the whole he really loves the people and the food culture out there. Watch any of his Bay Area episodes. Straight up adores you guys.

    Dave Chang… He’s always been a fish out of water. So I think for the most part he’s been forgiven for his comments about the figs on a plate. I think what he was alluding to was that in some parts of the country – and San Francisco is the prime example – the populace has become so affluent and so conscientious that it borders on what he perceives as pretension. That works for Tony’s comments about Alice Waters too – a lot of people understand and admire what she’s striving for, but for the most part this shining, sparkling unicorn of an ideal is just not practical for a world population of (now) 7 billion. She’s completely out of touch.


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