BANANA: APIA Bloggers Roundtable-Nov 21st

For all you folks who want to see our fugly mugs in person or give us a piece of your mind/rotten tomato, here’s your golden opportunity:


Peep the blogroll!

Lac Su, author of the much-propped I Love Yous Are For White People (see AZN’s review here), in partnership with Steve Nguyen, TV/film producer and head of LA, have organized a (FIRST!) massive roundtable of APIA bloggers, including some heavies like Angry Asian Man and 8Asians, and advocates like Asian Pacific Americans for Progress and AARising . Believe you us, BCB is deeply honored to share table and flyer space with these folks.

During the filmed event, we’ll be discussing the future of the online APIA community’s voice, how we can work together on relevant issues, and other fun stuffs. This will be followed by an audience Q & A and meet & greet, and here is your chance to give AZN your phone number and let me stare deeply and creepily into your eyes and compliment your haircut. This is your cue to buy me a drink. Single malt, please. Wait, where are you going? Cheapskate.

See you there!  More info here.

Saturday November 21st

4 to 6 pm

Uni of Southern Cali

Taper Hall Room 201

FREE, Cheapskates!


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