Dim Sum Burlesque

Two things I am a fan of: Dim Sum. HELL TO THE YES.

Burlesque: Sure, why not. When presented with the right style (camp, drag, genderbender, retro) and by and for the right audience (queer-friendly, fat-friendly, subversive, radical women of color-type folks…i.e. NOT a bunch of hooting frat boys of the strip club variety).

But together? Eh….UrbanDaddyNYC (like an online GQ for pretentious, well-off, straight male urbanites…tho they do have some nice heads up on happy hours) recommended the weekly “Dim Sum Burlesque” as the latest must-see happening.


Presented by “Calamity Chang“, it’s described as an “exotic” night of “titillating performances”.¬† Of course, whenever referring to Asian women or Asian food (which are already closely coupled thanks to popular film, porn and naked sushi trends), gotta throw in the E-bomb just to make sure white folks understand they’re in for a real Ching Chongin’ treat. So we already have the icky naked flesh + food combination, now let’s racialize it with a Chinese female headliner and dim sum. Gong!!!

Although it looks like not all the dancers are Asian, this reminds me of an exhibit I recently saw at the new Museum of Chinese in America, which included a piece on the “Chop Suey Circuit” of the ’30s and ’40s…dinner theaters emphasizing the exotic “Chineseness” of performers paired with Americanized Chinese food….kinda like a Chinkified Cirque de Soliel.


I’m already not convinced I wanna be chowing down on ha gow or chicken feet (which I doubt will be on the menu….these “jetset” whiteys can’t handle it) while watching ladies disrobe, however elegantly. I prefer my yum cha backdrop to be purple-haired aunties gossiping at high decibels and fat-cheeked chillun scampering underfoot.

I’m tempted to go just to check out the audience demographic and the sex + Chinese food jokes that pop up. Then again, for my mental sanity and free-floating rage issues, I’d better not. If anyone does end up seeing this, I’d be interested to read your impressions, and whether this Calamity chick earned herself a spot on BCB’s top hoebag list.


6 thoughts on “Dim Sum Burlesque

  1. There is no limit of Orientals willing to sell themselves or “their culture” for White consumption. Dim sum or otherwise.

    And isn’t New York infested with mouth-breathing White douchebags, who fancy themselves trendy, urban sophisticated, hipster blah, blah, blahs?

    Here’s a better idea for a burlesque show: the Upper East Side White Princess revue, with special appearance by Daddy’s Trust-Fund Babes.


  2. eewwwf

    thats like having morning tea at an english teahouse, with scones and cucumber sandwiches, english teacakes and tea with “english” ladies performing burlesque around you?!!…totally incongruent.

    What are they selling? the food? or the burlesque? or is the burlesque being used to sell the dim sum or vice versa?

    whole thing reeks of fetish, lol

    ahhh, the things white people do lol…


  3. I have to give props for “hoebag” and the lovely list to your right to BCB former blogger and co-founder SHERDIZZ. She’s the troofs, ya’ll.


  4. Did anyone actually see this show ? You guys talk about it as if y’all went, if you did I am curious if its at all what you thought it was ???


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