Warm Fuzzy Sports Moment of the Day

I’m not what you would call an avid follower of sports. Sure, I’ll go to a baseball game, but it’s more to shove hot dogs in my maw and whip out binoculars to scan for celebrities than to actually stay up on what’s happening on the ball field. And I almost got mauled by a pack of rabid Yankee fans at my last outing for pronouncing Derek Jeter’s name wrong (I still can’t git a handle on it: Is it Jee-ter? Jeh-ter?).

But you know what I am an avid fan of? A good ol’ fashioned, juicy ass grab.

Which is why I felt it necessary to bring your attention to this:


Insert getting to third base joke here

I would definitely tune into an away game for this sort of dudely romanticalness. Marvel at the concentration and conviction on A-Rod’s face; the firm yet tender way in which he cups the cheeks….But the best part —  by far —  is the expression on Hideki Matsui’s face. You can pretty much feel him slowly backing away.

Here it is immortalized in slo-mo. Ignore the racist captioning at 0:29:

When I am Queen, this is what my fantasy baseball team will accomplish.


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