John Cho in ABC’s FlashForward

This really is strange. No joke, but I, for some strange reason, always had this idea for a movie starring Joseph Fiennes as a British Secret Service agent being sent to Hong Kong and working with Chow Yun Fat during the 1997 turnover. It was going to be a serious action movie. So when I heard from JipShady, esq that John Cho was going to be in a new show, I went damn. And when I found out it was a cop show opposite Joseph Fiennes, I shat in my pants.

And when I found out Gabrielle Union was going to play John Cho’s love interest in the show?


Are you kidding me? I needed adult diapers. AND I need to complete that long unfinished blog post I’ve had in my head about Asian guys and African American chicks…


3 thoughts on “John Cho in ABC’s FlashForward

  1. For what I have seen of the show, it is weak as hell.

    Fiennes always has this perpetpual tortured soul look on his face (apparently, this is what passes for acting in Hollywood), and Cho is not much better with his attempt to make an FBI goon/company man into a good guy.

    The plot takes an intereting concept and makes it boring, while the special effects aren’t so special.

    Too bad you soiled your pants over this program.


  2. I think it’s a pretty good show. And I love seeing an Asian American dude not only in an IR relationship but also as other men are on tv- desired and sexual. I think it’s a good thing.


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