Just Another Day on the Muni

Seriously folks, if you’re not taking public transit on a daily basis, you are not living life. 2 hours a day, stuck in the car, listening to This American Life isn’t the same as seeing shit, drool, piss, racism, political debates, or fights on the greatest public transit system in the world, the SF Muni:

Don’t forget to read the comments. And sign up for Translink! Your card will work on Muni, AC Transit AND BART.


5 thoughts on “Just Another Day on the Muni

  1. My favorite bus lines in the bay, other than the 51 I ride thru oakland Chinatown to work would be the 27 on muni from soma thru the tenderloin up to Russian hill, great mix of yuppies and crack addicts, and the 22 VTA from Palo Alto to eastside San jose, u go from yuppies to Vietnamese and Latino families.


  2. wow, thats real classy. Bet the two ladies are married….(feel sorry for their husbands though, especially the Canto’s husband, whew, hes prolly getting slapped everyday…)


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