Yet Another Golden State Warriors Rant


Another Warriors post, this time a joint post between Sherdizzle and AzNHeartThrob. Should be interesting, cause the Dubs are the only thing Sher and AzN agree on….


As I sit listing the order of preference of which home games I plan to pick in my shared season ticket lottery drawing this weekend, I see this and this and this and this.

And yet, I keep listing my games away, eager to be there opening night against Yao.

Now there isn’t one single player on this upcoming season’s roster that I’d wholeheartedly cheer for during intros let alone spend 50 bucks on a youth size jersey for. We’ve got a bunch of d-listed wannabe superstars who think that because they had one fluke season of ESPN highlight reels, during a very short-lived post season, they all of a sudden can command enough star power to demand that the franchise cater to them. Hey, Monta – F you! For someone who spent most of last season sitting on his ass and shopping at Union City Target, you’ve got some nerve complaining about who you can and can’t play with in the back court.


How about you take your ass back to Mississippi and play with that moped that sidelined you last season? And while you’re at it, take Stephen Jackson with you too. Before you became a W Jacko, you were a reject, a trouble maker, who was best known for picking fights at Auburn Hills and carrying guns into night clubs. The GSW’s gave you a second chance at redeeming your reputation and your career. How do you repay them back? By demanding a trade?

Well, F – you too Jacko.

It’s like the W’s are cursed. It’s got to be the Webber/Sprewell/Nelson debacle of 1995. Ever since those three collided and abandoned ship, we’ve been in a downward spiral. We get players who wine and dine us, then up and leave once a prettier younger mate comes along *ahem* boomdizzle. We cling to players who have zero talent and no chance of ever leading us to the playoffs let alone to a championship *ahem* Dunleavy, Murphy, Jamison (F you Jamison and your subsequent 6th man of the yr award and two all star appearance after leaving the W’s). And we spend big bucks on guys who, in all likelihood, if they were on any other team, would only come off the bench in the fourth quarter when their team is already up by 40 points. *ahem* Dampier, Foyle. And lets not even talk about draft picks, because I’m sure AzN can set off a rampage post about all the superstars that we managed to let slip…*ahem* Kobe. And somehow, we always manage to always let go of the ones with potential and heart (Gilbert, Jrich). *sigh*

So while Jackson and Ellis cry about how deserving they are to play on a championship team because of that ONE season once upon a time that they helped get the W’s into the playoffs, I’ll think about the days that made me become a W fan to begin with in order to get me through these dark days. (And to those bandwagon fans who just hopped on board in 06, I’m talking about the Run TMC days, I’m talking about the pre Chris “I’m a douchey idiot” Cohan days.)

I’ll stick to wear my #1 TRAN jersey ‘cuz I know that’s one playaplaya that will never leave…


What is it about the Golden State Warriors that make us actually LOVE them. Its not the name. The Warriors name is mostly associated with Wilt Chamberlain and his 100 point game when the team was in Philly. Its not the city, cause the name of the team isn’t even a city. Its not the colors, those keep changing different tones of blue and gold. Its not the mascot, Thunder, who everyone loathed and thankfully got shown the door when the OK Thunder came into the world. Its not the uniforms, which we all seem to hate until they get changed and “thrown back”. Its not the God forsaken Oracle Arena or the area its located in (tailgate? in a parking lot looking over a freeway next to a BART station?). Its not management (poor, poor Mullin). Its not ownership (I LOATHE NO OTHER MAN MORE IN SPORTS THAN COHAN). And its not the experience of going to the game ($9 beers in Oakland?). And as my colleague Sherdizz explained, its definitely not the players. So why do we love the Warriors? Is it because its the only (basketball) game in town? I don’t think THAT’S true, I don’t see myself rooting for the San Jose Supersonics anytime soon… I’m starting to think its because of the fans. Fans that have sipped the Kool-Aid since Sarunas Marciulionis was running the ball down court and Chris Gatling was rebounding with his absurdly long hands. We have cheered for this team for so long with the such ridiculously low expectations, that no matter WHAT they accomplish (4th in the Pacific! YEA!), we cheer them on like we just got 3 back-to-back titles. In the same way a physically abused child adores his father when he brings home a happy meal for dinner (Yea, I got a toy Transformer!), we mindlessly cheer on a worthless team that makes more money when it spends less money on talent cause folks from Novato to Gilroy love basketball, and never hitched on to the Kings bandwagon. So now that I concede that this is an addiction, I’m past the denial stage. Someday, years from now, I might move into acceptance, but until that day, I’m busy picking out which game I’m going to buy seats to (PORTLAND!) and which Warrior will be here long enough for me to buy a jersey (maybe I’ll just be safe and buy a throwback Mitch Richmond jersey).


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