Dear People of San Francisco


Dear San Franciscans,

I realize there is a very small population of Black folks in the City, but that doesn’t mean you have an excuse to be ignorant and rude. So when I bring my girl AO around to DJ Spinna’s MJ vs. Prince party, it is not cool that you ask to touch her amazing Afrohawk. Worse even, would be just touching without asking. So Asian guy in the striped shirt, when you asked to touch her hair and started reaching for it and I said, “No, no you can’t. That’s rude”, you damn well should be ashamed, cause I was embarrassed for you and Asian folks in general. It’s almost equivalent to me exoticizing you and asking to touch your slanted eyes, or smooth black hair, or bare haired chest. This is not the 1800’s and we do not live in Kentucky.

I’m realizing very fast that its a CHORE to go to SF nowadays, rather than just chilling in the East Bay. Less douches cause no one B&T’s into Oakland…


3 thoughts on “Dear People of San Francisco

  1. inappropriate hairtouching aside, i thought you LIVED for SF scene parties. remember that “SF mj v. prince > nyc mj v. prince” text you sent me?


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