Baby On Board

I saw something like this while on my walk to work this morning:


"Thanks dad, sure I don't need a helmet. My skull is fully developed by this age"

Although this is a random pict of what I witnessed this morning, it does the job. A picture doesn’t quite capture the instability or roughness of what the baby actually feels in the back. Cause the kid I saw this morning looked like he was experiencing a jeepney ride through a bumpy jungle road from Saigon to Phnom Penh. My first thought was, “a car’s gonna sideswipe that baby trailer like nobody’s business”. My second thought was, “every time I see one of these bike accessories, its rolling past me in a yuppie part of the Bay or being taken out of an Audi. Always by a white dude”.

So I’m gonna go ahead and state a gross generalization. White people like to put their babies in harms way more than Asian folks. Agree or disagree? Cause my white uncle’s literary thrown my little cousins into walls and ceilings and done this, seriously:

Balancing Baby

Look at that smile on the baby's face! Wait, only the dad's smiling... That little girl looks like she's gonna shit herself.


One thought on “Baby On Board

  1. That baby balancing act actually looks pretty cool, if I didn’t care my baby’s safety.

    yeah white people are idiots when it comes to there kids: they put them in harm’s way physically, but shelter them from the mental and emotional harshness of reality and living with others.

    I saw a white woman barrel past several stop signs on her bike with her baby in front. Then she had the nerve to talk smack to the officer who pulled her over.


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