The (not-so) Subtle Moves of an Asian Fetishist

Another one of those real life stories. Haystack, CA. Table of 8: 3 South Asians, 2 Koreans, 1 Latino, 1 White Guy, and AzN. Happy Hour. Scene:

South Asian guy’s cured meat plate comes out

Korean Girl 1: Oh My God! I love cured meats!

White guy’s cured meat plate comes out

Korean Girl 1: Oh My God! You got cured meats too!

White Guy: I knew you’d like them. All Asian girls love cured meat.

AzN drops his knife onto his pants.

Korean Girl 1: What?

White Guy: I know what Asian girls like cause I’ve liked Asian girls from since I could remember.

Latino guy stops dranking his drank mid-drank

Korean Girl 1: Oh Mah Gawd! This guy has an Asian Fetish!

White Guy: Yea, I grew up in North Fremont, so I had a lot of Asian friends and I’ve always liked the girls.

Awkward silence from the whole table.

White guy eventually leaves early when he realizes he just offended the entire sub-continent and continent of Asia.

Seriously guys, if you have a fetish, any kind of fetish, don’t mention it to the fetishized. And its great that you’re aware of your fetish, but work on thinking of people as people first, and not as a fetish first. Cause when you start thinking of Asian women as people first, as in the future mother of your children and sister-in-law to your brothers/sisters, then you’ll be on the same playing field. Cause Asian women don’t always walk around in geisha costumes or report the news all sexy. They’re my moms, my aunts, my cousins, and my friends. And when Asian girls aren’t in your MCB class scoring A’s or in line for lattes at the cafe, they’re doing stupid things this and still hot (to Asian guys at least):



14 thoughts on “The (not-so) Subtle Moves of an Asian Fetishist

  1. I don’t get the end. What are you saying, that an Asian fetishist wouldn’t find that image hot? Because I never considered myself an asian fetishist, but that picture is SUPER HOT.


  2. well, the girl on the left is hot…the one on the right would probably be hot ina less goofy position. i think the image is funny….too obviously pretty girls acting silly…


  3. Actually, you’re fooling yourself if you don’t think azn girls don’t have their own fetishes. It takes two to tango, true? Secondly, there probably is a genetic component to this, as inbreeding was a common problem for much of our human history. Males and females both benefit if their offspring has hybrid vigor. Yep, an interracial fetish is going to help.

    Or maybe girls just like bigger dicks and guys like tighter pussy. Naw, it can’t be that dumb, can it? How about girls like taller guys and guys like slimmer women? How about azn guys often are feminine and white girls often are masculine?

    Ok, whatever…joyful interpenetration for all, including azn guys and white girls, black on white and all other combinations…


    • and asian girls like white guys bc they know either 1) they can dominate them bc of the rediculous amount of respect (pussy whipped) white guys pay to their women, 2) that white guys will let them roam and party (if they are wild azn chics) 3) white guys have money (not that azn’s don’t, just not as much)


  4. white girls were rarely into me at all… i had trouble getting them interested. asian girls seem to worship the ground i stand on! do i have an asian girl fetish? fuck no…

    now i have a beautiful japanese wife and a gorgeous korean mistress half my fuckin age. do i have an asian girl fetish? fuck no…

    all of these girls constantly said that i was sweeter to them than any asian guy had ever been.


      • every asian woman from asia expects her husband to have a little putang on the side. it has been thus from time immemorial.


  5. well i cant say im any great shakes with women no matter what the color but honestly i crazy about asian girls and i just can not see those girls as hot with that picture maybe if i saw them differntly i will admit that while in philippines i did not find it hard at all to date girls. infact several where in america i could hardly get a girl to even talk to me, but honestly believed to this day it had less to do with me and more to do with the fact im from america. im sure if i was a white guy from say africa and not throughing money around. they would not even cared to talk to me. and no i do not know much about africa except there are a lot of poverty stricken countrys there.


  6. why do people always think white guys with Asian girls necessarily need to have some kind of fetish? I dated a lot of Asian girls, but just because I find them attractive. i dated a lot of white girls too. and…?

    also, in majority of cases, asian girls were coming to me, not unlike


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