Asians Love to Admonish Bad Behavior

Leave it to my boy Anh “Call me Joseph” Cao, Republican (!) from Louisiana (who BcB has covered in the past) to be part of a handful of Republicans that voted to admonish good ‘old boy Joe Wilson from the Grand Ole Party for his “YOU LIE!” conniption at President Obama. After the vote, Joe Wilson reacts to the vote and basically says we should all focus our attention on smashing Universal Health Care.

But the worst part has to be Joe Wilson’s milking of his new found celebrity. Just emailing buddies about this crap made my gmail adsense pop up this site: “Stand for Truth, Stand for Joe Wilson!”

And to say the man isn’t racist is an outright lie. You can’t be calling my man Jimmy Carter a liar young Joe Wilson. Even if its questionable whether or not he’s cool with a Black President, he’s definitely not cool with providing any health care to illegal immigrants, which is why he got in this mess in the first place…

So props to Cao for crossing party lines to give the Asian look of disgust and disappointment at Joe Wilson. The same Asian parent look that led me away from Cambodian gangbanger friends in  jr. high should help keep Wilson in check in the House.

PS. Googling “Joe Wilson” in google images SHOULD NOT bring up pictures of Kanye and Taylor Swift. That blog post is coming soon after I figure out how to work my new I am T-Pain autotune app.

Thanks to A-Rex for the Cao mention.


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