Annie Le Strangled by Asian Fetishist? UPDATED


According to the NY Times, Clarke was just arrested at a Super 8 Motel, wearing a striped polo and khakis withAsian character tattoos swirled around his arms.

The NY Times is sneaky. They pretty much called out person of interest, Raymond Clarke III, in the murder of Annie Le (Asian American Yale PhD student found slain in walls of a research building). The Times was dropping little hints implying the guy’s got crazy murder vibes:

  • drives a Ford Taurus (seriously, would you get into a stranger’s Taurus?)
  • was “unsociable” and “very officious and very demanding”
  • has a roman number following his name
  • “graduated from Branford High School in Branford, Conn., and he appears first in the 2004 yearbook as a member of the Asian Awareness Club. He is photographed next to two women of Asian descent. The club, according to the yearbook, made egg rolls for a faculty luncheon and raised money for a trip to Chinatown for the Chinese New Year in 2004.”

That last one is creeeeppy. Selling eggrolls to go to NY CTown? Those are the types of crazies running around Canal these days? I’m glad I work in the very secretive Oakland Chinatown…

Thanks again A-rex. You can be my full-time news aggregator anytime you want.


2 thoughts on “Annie Le Strangled by Asian Fetishist? UPDATED

  1. “Man, why is it always us? You don’t creepy creepies at the African American Awareness Club or the Ukranian Club.”

    Because the Orientals who run these “awareness clubs” are natural born appeasers and too gutless to kick these mouth-breathing White twerps to the curb.


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