Wok Takes it to Cougartown….Again

Just peeped this article about a 107-year old Muslim Malaysian woman who may re-marry to a man less than half her age. This will make it Wok Kundor’s 23rd encore of marital bliss. Current hubby – Mohammed Boor Che Musa – who is 70! years her junior, is in the doghouse since Wok suspects he has a wandering eye.  Just as soon as she can get a kindly neighbor to drive her, Wok will make the trip from her small village to the bright lights of Kuala Lumpur to go a hubby-shoppin’.

Don't hate the playa, hate the game.

Don't hate the playa, hate the game.

Although Boo #22 reportedly “is still very much in love with his wife and cannot dream of life with someone else“…..Wok wants to “hear him say it“. That’s right, son!

 I don’t know bout ya’ll, but this kinda news keeps my hope alive. GranMeemaw gots game! Seriously, this is the kind of role model and wimmin’s empowerment we ladies who are gettin’ on could get down with. Your old man lookin a lil’ poochy round the gut?  Take a trip into town and pick up a new one! Not expressing his adoration like you deserve? Flag down a truck to the city and get another! That beef gettin’ a bit rancid for your tastes? Gussy up in your best corset and GO TO MFIN’ TOWN!

And even though some may cluck their tongues at Wok’s serially amorous lifestyle (JEALOUSY!), she remains a classy lady under all scrutiny. When the media inquired about previous beaus, Wok refused to discuss her past relationships or her children. Cuz the spotlight needs to stay where it deserves, on the centaurian cougar!

But my favorite part? How the couple fell for each other because it was “God’s will”. What a coinkydink! I also tell dudes it’s God’s will that they take me to Sizzler. Hard to argue with that one. Gal’s gotta get her surf ‘n’ turf on somehow.

So – to Wok Kundor – I salute you with a hearty Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy. Play ON, Playa.

Thanks SherDizz!


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