Bay Area Diversity

My colleagues in the planning field are largely progressive and typically racially tolerant (and almost entirely white). But as Malcolm Gladwell taught us in Blink, our nonverbal cues are very telling, and I’m damn well sure I heard a hushed silence when this graph popped up at a Bay Area projections conference I attended (in a roomful of white folks):

You may think this was a graph of The Mission today, but its the Bay Area... of the FUTURE!

Behold, your Bay Area of the FUTURE! This graph does NOT reflect cities/neighborhoods like The Mission where the opposite is true.

That dip in White folks and hike in Hispanics is incredible. Right where those two lines meet is when the state of Colorado will get a huge spike in White Californians… Boulder will love those Far East Bay Pleasanton/Dublin/Concord folks pricing out Coloradans on housing…


One thought on “Bay Area Diversity

  1. Yeah there’s a book called “The Next 100 Years” by George Friedman. The author asserts that while the US will still be the premier superpower for the 21st century, Mexico is going to be challenging that status. The southwestern states will have largely Hispanic populations and that will tip the balance in Mexico’s favor.


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