Kamaljit Singh Jhooti: The Fifth Element of Hip Hop

Today’s guest blog is from Lili GaGa, just like the real thing minus the voice and the schlong:

I think its part of the eurotrancehiphop that speaks to me like its my mother tongue and the fact that he is South Asian. Is this a record? First person of Asian decent solo on the hip hop scene in kind of a big way? I mean he is getting a lot of airplay!! It’s freaking #2 on the Billboard Hot 100!!

I think this deserved a blogpost…especially that he changed his very Sikh name into a slave name… almost too literally?

He should have spent more time in his video shirtless cause if he’s gonna break some barriers may as well bring the sexy Asian man back into mainstream.

Thanks Lili! I had a few things to add. Jay Sean, aka Kamaljit Singh Jhooti, is signed to Virgin Records in the UK and CASH MONEY RECORDS in the US?! What what? This makes him the FIRST Brit-Asian singer signed to a US label (btw). He has tracks coming up with Akon and Birdman (Cuuuu-caaawwww!), and of course this track had lil wheezy. So watch out for him as America gets a little more accepting of the Euro tracks we they all love at the Reykjavik and Amsterdam pop-rave scene.


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