Big ups to my pal Jot — aka CubicleJOT — who recently launched a website/network for the Lao American community:!


Here’s the lowdown:

Thank you for checking out a place where through each other we can learn, love and liveLAOd.

My name is CubicleJot and as my name implies I spend most of my time in the office cube. During the day I do what I must to pay the bills, but once I leave the office I liveLAOd! I believe that we are multidimensional, incorporating many things in our life to make us who we are.  For me, I incorporate my Laotian culture into my life. Through this site I hope to voice my thoughts about all things Lao, the good and the bad. You may not always agree with every topic and statement made at but I hope through each other we can learn, love and liveLAOd!!

Here’s a sample of CubicleJOT’s smackdown on some White Ppl Booshit:

Jonny Olsen — Entertaining Until It Wasn’t

Jonny Olsen is a white American who traveled to Laos.  He trained under a Khaen (Lao bamboo instrument) Master and – against all odds – eventually became the 2005 Khaen Champion.  Sounds like a typical Hollywood story, right?  Foreigner with no experience, trains with an old master and beats all the locals in their own arena.   Don’t you just hate – I mean – love those movies? 

I recently got a chance to watch Jonny perform live at the Lao Heritage Foundation talent show in Des Moines, Washington .  As expected, Jonny’s Khaen performance was amazing but the novelty of hearing a white guy singing in Laotian wore off quickly when he started speaking his native English with a Laotian accent.  We get it, you want to be Lao Jonny, but why put on the accent?  Furthermore when I heard him sing songs like “White Men Loves Black Skin Lady” containing lyrics such as “You know vanilla wants a taste of that chocolate,” I felt offended and knew there was a darker significance to the Jonny Olsen performance.  Seriously man, pay attention to how you are portraying the people and culture you claim to love.  I’m not even going to start breaking down the music videos (below). 


There you have it folks. A healthy dose of real talk on douchebaggery and cultural co-optation, courtesy of CubicleJOT.  Re-appropriate that shit! Be sure to show liveLAOd some love and also become a fan of the liveLAOd Facebook group.


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