Joe Wong on Letterman

Forgive me if I’m late on this one. Joe Wong, the “All-American Immigrant” appeared on Letterman in April. I was just sent this, and the only thing that kept coming to mind was Russell Peters doing his Hong Kong stand-up comedian joke (yes, I realize Wong has a Mando accent and Peters is joking about a Canto accent)…

I like Joe Wong, and I like his jokes, but I’m not sure if I like White people liking him. Does that make any sense?


One thought on “Joe Wong on Letterman

  1. Russell Peters is all wrong — he adopts other accents in order to hold them up to be laughed at, for being accents. But Wong was pretty refreshing: his accent is just his accent. And, aside from the “So…I’m Irish” opener, he didn’t trade off his ethnicity at all. The jokes based on the immigrant experience weren’t “negative,” and, I think, humanized what it’s like to be an immigrant in the USA.

    I don’t think the audience was enjoying him because he was being a Stepin Fetchit clown. Maybe there was a little element of that, in the laughter at his goofy timing (which, to some degree, is effective because of how he looks/sounds). But, overall, I think they were laughing and clapping *with* him, to support him.

    They were rooting for him.


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