A Woman Like Tila Deserves It


While the truth about allegations of San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman choking Tila Tequila when she tried to leave his residence is still unclear, what’s even more unsettling are some commonly-themed reader comments out there on the internets (namely, TMZ). A few choice selections:

  •  “She love him long time
  • While I don’t know exactly how it went down, I do know that Tila Tequila is a grade A narcissistic beeyotch. I’m 90% sure she deserved what happened. Kudos to Merriman for having the balls to set her straight. Maybe she will act a little less annoying going forward.”

While we here at BCB have generally slammed/clowned TT’s famewhoring, what’s more disturbing is the sentiment that her behavior or appearance justifies any violence.

Ah, it’s the classic if she was dressed like that/out that late/drinking that much then she was asking for it Sluts Get What They Deserve school of thought. And let’s not even get into the racial comments — further cementing the Asian lady = exotic hoebag association. Did the Rihanna-Chris Brown incident elicit similar reactions? But isn’t a beatdown a beatdown regardless?

Tila, even though we can’t back you on most of your lifestyle choices, we got your back on this one, girl.


One thought on “A Woman Like Tila Deserves It

  1. even the folks that say she deserve it don’t deserve to be domestic violence’d… i hope her mothership comes down from ZiyuiZioho201 and take Merriman away to be experimented on.


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