Friday Fuckery: Jon & Kate F*%$k Eight

Since the exploits and squabbles of the infamous Jon & Kate have been splashed all over the tabloids and interwebs (including BCB) this is one of those ideas that’s realization was only a matter of time:

Kate's hairstyle: Nailed it!

Kate's 'do: Nailed it!

I’m fuzzy on the details since hardcore porn is a bit on the NSFW side —  but the basic plot of this Devil’s Film spoof  is the couple’s marriage counseling-inspired advice to bone other people. In the end, they discover that they really are meant for each other. Aw, romance.

My first reaction when seeing the film cover, after laughing and then throwing up in my mouth, was “Sweet! Straight Asian Dude in a Porno!” Slanty and I have debated whether Jon Gosselin’s presence in the media will help promote Asian men’s image as sexual playboys. Welp, this may be the first indication. At the very least, Jon seems to have created more job opps for Asian males struggling in the porn industry. Today — adult entertainment,  tomorrow — the World!!  DVD due out September 14th.

Thanks BuzzFeed


4 thoughts on “Friday Fuckery: Jon & Kate F*%$k Eight

  1. Looks like the actor’s name is Frankie Young. which could mean anything really: anglicized asian surname, mixed, white, adopted, changed name, etc. My 2 second google search didn’t yield much and it’s friday so that tired me out…does anyone have the lowdown on this guy?


  2. My results yielded nothing. He must be a newbie. I have been spending my blogging career looking for the latest Asian male pornstars. Yes, J, I’m definitely interested. C, great find indeed. I will mention this post early next week for a post if you don’t mind with due credit.


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