BcB 1 Year Anniversary Party in Chinatown SF


Its been one glorious year since our blog first began, following a hate filled, AIM bitchin session among two of our bloggers during their youthful post-grad skool days. One year later and we’ve gained a whopping 300+ readers a day! To thank you all, we are throwing an anniversary bash at the world famous EZ5 Bar at 684 Commercial (b/t Kearny and Montgomery) in San Francisco!.

Party is on Friday, AUGUST 21. Starts at 10pm, but you know we’ll be there earlier to get our drank on.

Entry is free, and we’re raffling tickets for $5 to win an AUTOGRAPHED copy of Adrian Tomine’s opus on interracial dating/losers from Berkeley that moved to Brooklyn: Shortcomings. Also up for raffle will be recycled rice bag totes made by sex trafficking survivors.

All proceeds go to Nomi Networks, a non-profit with a goal to end human-trafficking. To hear more about this NGO and its work in helping young girls steer clear from being a sex slave (in this case, Cambodia), check out this YouTube:

So bring your wallets for $5 raffle tickets for a chance to win! And of course, EZ5 delivers easy access to drinks (with 2 bartenders and 2 waitresses), nude Photohunt, an owner that always knows your name (my man Cam) and some amazin’ Chinatown decor!


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