Domestic Crusaders in NYC and on NBC

Not sure what it is about an all-boys Jesuit catholic high school in Silicon Valley that can turn out a non-practicing lost-the-faith Catholic like myself and a devote Muslim American who writes an extrodinary play like the Domestic Crusaders. Fr. Murphy and co didn’t sell us on the priesthood that well I guess…

Either way, their loss is your gain as Wajahat Ali from Goatmilk fame, frequent blogger on the always correct HuffPo dot com, has a play opening up in NYC on September 11th (which we’ve promoted and fundraised for in the past). Info on tickets and showtimes can be found here. Peep Waj on NBC Weekend Today if you’d like to see him blink 188 times in 4 minutes (he pointed this out, and I’m just sayin’).

Times like this, I wish I could be in NYC, the most ideal place for a play with this message. I’ve seen it 2 times already, you won’t be disappointed.

And props to Rusty for doing a kickass poster design.


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