Who Gots The DramaFever?!

Who wants mo’ drama for they mama? I know AZNHeartthrob’s moms does, even if it infringes upon family bonding time.

Last nite I had the opportunity to check out the launch party for DramaFever, a brand-spankin new site that features Asian dramas — all legally licensed, subtitled (if you choose) and streaming in high def. Right now the site mostly features K-drama and comedy (like Boys Over Flowers, Sad Love Story, and about 50 more), but they’ll soon be adding shows from other Asian countries too. So if you’re not yet Asian-drama addicted to the point that you only (on good days) tear yourself away from the TV to eat and shit, say goodbye to your friends now because the time is nigh.

Ok, back to the paaaaartay. The bash was at the swank Circle Club in Times Square, with a sizeable line outside before doors even opened. My friend Dave, who’s part of the brains behind DramaFever, hooked me up with a Press/VIP pass, so I was soon in the back room touching everything, trying to sniff out free booze, and harassing the talent:

Direct's hand sign actually means "you have 2 minutes to get the F out the VIP section"
Direct’s hand sign actually means “you have 2 minutes to get the F out the VIP section, crazyeyes.”

As no party is complete without some crowd-rockin’, the always-astonishing poet Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai spit her fire, and Taiyo Na + Magnetic North got folks hyped and set off a few dance battles in the crowd.



So it appears that the folks behind DramaFever know how to throw a great party as well as produce a great concept. AZN, sorry if you won’t be having a real dinner convo with your fam in the forseeable future. And I’m gonna go pick up a bulk pack of adult diapers and Power Bars. See ya’ll in a few months.


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