Jon Gosselin Convo With Slanty: Part Deuce

Hey Slanty,

Thanks for your reply, and for the props on my “wordsmithing”…this is the most generous description I’ve ever received for my tendency to just make words up. Interesting Kimchi roman shower pics too. I’m hungry.

First off, I completely agree with you that JGoz doesn’t need to pass some “Asian” test or assert his identity by continuously holding a bowl of steaming bibimbap. I was just curious whether his ethnicity had been addressed or made explicit in the context of the show.

On to Exhibit A: JGoz is lookin’ reasonably sharp, but my concern comes from the man he is standing next to and choosing to go into business with. Dear. Jeebus. In. Heaven.  And yeah, he looks borderline adorable in Exhibit B. But again the issue is the figure juuuust to the ri-… get the point.

Yes, I can also see how JGoz could be be hustlin/providing for his kids in a nontraditional way by continuing his reality shows. What’s questionable for me is how living in the national spotlight has ever been healthy for young kids. And wouldn’t more TV time for Jon = less quality daddy time for the chilluns? (thanks to fellow BCB’er Sherdizz for pointing this out).

And Hey! Did you peep the latest cover of InTouch Magazine?


It’s JGoz’s exclusive tell-all (Again)! While I realize that these tabloid back-and- forths can take a quick nosedive into mudslinging (even if he just wants to defend himself) I can’t help but feel he’s just feeding into the media frenzy. In this issue JGoz talks about hooking up with Hailey Glassman (who was a friend of the family, pretty shady on his part). And he compares Hailey to Kate — which I feel is a big demerit in the calculus of classiness. And to bring it back to the kids….what harm does this inflict as their parents’ private lives and bickering are on every newsstand and grocery store in America?

But! Slanty, I digress from placing JGoz into the larger context — what significance this may have for Asian America, and your question of whether we should chastise JGoz if he feeds into negative stereotypes about Asian American men.

I do feel there’s a difference between what he’s doing as an individual vs. stereotypes intentionally scripted into film and TV. I doubt JGoz wakes up each day with the thought “as a contemporary Asian American male, how can I reinforce or challenge negative stereotypes about my peers?”  (But as a near celebrity, should he?). So maybe we can’t hold JGoz and what he does in his private life to the same standard as other Asian American images in the media — although it is another discussion to what extent he “chose” to live under a microscope by being on a reality show in the first place.

For a while there, JGoz was portrayed as being nutless and at the mercy of Kate, so I can see how his current image might be seen as him taking back power. Which is fine and all, I just can’t subscribe to the way he’s doing it or who he’s been doin’ it with. I absolutely appreciate the value of having prominent Asian American “playboys”…who doesn’t want to be an admired alpha? But it’s a fine line between being cast as a smooth operator and being branded a womanizer.


So I think it remains to be seen what the overall public perception of JGoz will be in a few months, and whether Asian America will cringe for him (see again: Tila Tequila), root for him (see: Yul Kwon) or if he’ll become another unmemorable figure in the legions  of reality TV known-for-nothings. I do hope, for his and his family’s sake, and for all of our sanity, that JGoz doesn’t turn into the former. I’m all for an empowered, sexay Asian cassanova, which we need more of in the public eye. I just don’t think Jon Gosselin fits the bill.

This is a blog conversation with Slanty from Slant Eye For The Round Eye where the dialogue will span both blogs (and following along should be easy as each reply will link back to the previous part of the conversation).


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