“CHU ANGRRY!” on The Daily Show with John Stewart

Not sure if we mentioned this when Chinese American(!) Dr. Steven Chu first got appointed Secretary of Energy back in January. But I wanted to give this fellow Golden Bear big ups (and no Stanfurd, you can’t claim him just cause he taught at the Farm). Not only is he smart (come on, what Berkeley grad student ISN’T, right?), progressive (YES! The world is getting warmer!), a nobel laureate (which means he had a coveted parking space ON CAMPUS at Cal), but he’s also pretty damn funny in a “I spent a little too much time in lab on the northside of campus and ate Gomnaru’s chicken plate for lunch AND dinner… daily… for 3 months” (See him on The Daily Show below).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

On a similar note, AzNHeartThrob is now officially back in the Bay (East Bay to be exact). I have taken up a job in a non-profit working on, you guessed it, green house emission legislation and making sure when Schwarzenegger and the boys in Sactown tie it to land use planning locally, it doesn’t adversely harm low income communities of color. BORING stuff, but exactly the kind of stuff I wanted to do (to impress people at cocktail parties). Yea ladies! Line up single file to my right! Fellas! Line up to my left for high fives!


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