Never Visit Paris (Texas)

It’s almost comical to think that because we now have a Black man in DC, all of a sudden racism ended throughout the country. I guess those who believe in that have never heard of Paris, Texas. Now Texas in general is a scary ass place for me. I’ve been there a few times (layovers count), but to read the shit that goes on in Paris, Texas is f’n ridiculous. It’s like the 60s never ended in that place. A few years ago in Paris, a 15 year old Black girl was sentence to 7 years in juvenile detention for shoving a f’n hall monitor at school. In that same breadth, by the same judge, in that same city, some little white girl was given probation for burning down her parents’ house. Ain’t that some shit.

So of course, when 24 year old Brandon McClelland was dragged James Byrd style , back in September of last year, it shouldn’t surprise us that the special prosecutor said no charges would be filed against the two white boys because of lack of evidence. But the shit that should really get your blood boiling is those f’n skinheads who showed face at a protest condemning the decision to drop the murder charges. POC get the hell out of Paris, Texas. Seriously, come to the Bay…we got some ignorant SOB’s here too (like in Palo Alto) but at least their shit is more subtle- they’ll just call us gooks and goons in the privacy of their own homes.


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