Kennedy in China

Don’t ask me how I find these YouTube “celebrities”, and I’m sorry in advance if this is old hat (cause she was on NBC’s Today Show during the Beijing Olympics).  But I had to give Su Fei, aka Anna Sophie Loewenberg, some attention cause she’s a cross between Sarah Jessica Parker and ex-MTV VJ Kennedy (with her Dame Edna glasses). She hosts an internet show called SexyBeijing, at (a play on the Sex in the City theme) where she interviews Chinese folks on the street about their sex and love life. Pretty daring consider she’s a White American girl, except she’s speaking Mando (can my Mandarin speakers chime in on how good her accent is?). By the way, she’s single and looking for a Chinese man, as you can see in the video below. Hey, if my Chosen brothers in NYC can date Asian chicks, why can’t the Yellow Man be Chosen in China!?


2 thoughts on “Kennedy in China

  1. Her mandarin is ok, but forced (maybe memorized phonetically)… I couldn’t get through more than a few minutes though, too annoying. From what I saw, almost everyone speaks english the whole time.


  2. Anna Sophie Loewenberg’s Chinese is passable.

    But to really tell how proficient she is, we need to hear Ms. Loewenberg speak the following phrase: “Me Love You Long Time!”


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