Conversations with a White Southern Tourist in Australia

AzN met a sweet Floridian family today while down undah. White, mom/dad, daughter/son. Daughter looked like the kid from Little Miss Sunshine. Glasses and all. It was us 5 and another Asian dude on a tour.

Dad: I’m Mike, that’s my son Mark, my wife Anne, and my daughter Annika.

AzN: I’m Vu. You guys are so cute, all M’s and A names!

Awkward silence.

Dad: Where you from?

AzN: San Francisco, and you?

Dad: Florida, just outside Ft. Lauderdale. How about you (looks over to other Asian guy

Elvin (like the huxtable in-law): Hi, I’m Elvin.

Dad: Where you from Alvin?

Elvin: Alabama.

Dad: Funny, you don’t look like you’re from Alabama (smirks and looks at family for a chuckle. Awkward silence. Turns to Aussie tour guide and says, he’s not your typical Alabaman, he must be a doctor where he lives).

(Elvin is a professor at the University of Alabama)

Floridians at home, ruining Presidential elections. Floridians abroad, out to ruin us all.


One thought on “Conversations with a White Southern Tourist in Australia

  1. lol, VB, wheres my picture huh??!! email it before you turn 36 please….thanks in advance!! hahaha!

    P.S Sydney rules Melbourne!! Sydney ftw!


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