Friday Fuckery: Hipster Bike Messenger vs Unarmed Asian Man

Because a hipster on a fixie is so emaciated from all the Coca-Cola coke and skittles he be imbibing (to fit into skinny jeans, presumably), he needs a Kryptonite bike lock (the only thing big enough to bulge out of this dude’s jorts – jean shorts) to beat up on an unarmed Asian dude on the streets of NYC. Granted, we don’t know the whole story, and the homeless Asian dude looks like he’s following him. But the (white) bike messenger looks like a cornbread, white toast, muffin (I like the high carb references to white people) biker bicyclist from Connecticut, so why he gotta be slamming people in the face with a bike lock instead of biking away? At least he didn’t have the Kryptonite lock with a chain attached

from buzzfeed.


3 thoughts on “Friday Fuckery: Hipster Bike Messenger vs Unarmed Asian Man

  1. I bike, but I hate to say it: bicyclists are the rudest motherf’s. They feel they’re entitled to blow stop signs, and they have the gall to yell at you when they get into an accident. once I saw a female bicyclist blow multiple stop signs with her CHILD in a baby seat. I’d have more sympathy for them during Critical Mass if they weren’t myopic, pompoous dickheads.


  2. What more is there to know? The bicyclist has a goddamn weapon (bike lock) and a means to escape (a bike) and he chooses to stay and attack. What can that bike messenger POSSIBLY say that would justify that brutality? Can you give me one example that would justify that attack on the defenseless dude?


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