Obama vs. the Birthers

In what can only be seen as further fractioning in the Republican Party, many voices in the Good Ole Party are starting to scream a little more loudly over Barack Obama’s literal “un-Americanism”. I wouldn’t bring this up, if it wasn’t brought up by Rush “prescription pills are Jesus’ Candy” Limbaugh and mentioned about in this NY Times article. Hell, we even have a name for these A-holes: BIRTHERS. They’re screaming for his birth certificate, which the damn Hawaii Department of Health already showed us:


So what more do you want? I understand you Birthers are out of topics to discuss and still bitter about the 7% loss in November. But seriously, who the hell is going to fake a birth certificate in 1961 for a newborn baby WITH THE ANTICIPATION THAT HE’LL BECOME PRESIDENT? You need the damn thing for jobs and a passport and all that crap, so he sure as hell didn’t fake one when he was a Senator in the anticipation that he’d be President. And if you think he did it back then to be an American citizen, you’re forgetting his mom, Ann Dunham, was from Kansas. How much more damn American can you get? The most famous person from Kansas ever, Clark Kent, wasn’t even born in Kansas. You wanna f’n debate how much of an American superhero Superman is because he was born on Krypton (nerd)??!!

So seriously, shout all you want about how un-American Barack Obama is, and question whether he was born in Kenya or in Honolulu. I’m fine with that, cause y’all are raging idiots. Just don’t come knocking on my door for a Constitutional Amendment when you Pubes want Austrian-born Arnold Schwarzeneggerto run for President.


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