Notorious MSG Makes Hearts Palpitate

There are few things that make me scream like a 12-year-old girl: roaches on my pillow, keyboard cat, and a Notorious MSG show. And those of you who know me well can attest that I never miss a heapin’ helpin’ o’ MSG: the original Chinatown Bad Boys consisting of Hong Kong Fever, Hunan Bomb, and Down Lo-Mein (the Chinese Eazy-E). Also like a 12-year-old girl, I have the posters all over my room to prove it.

Le Sigh

Le Sigh

For your aural and visual pleasure, the rap trio straight out the Chinatown hood will be playing a show on the nite of July 25th at the Bowery Ballroom, with songs from their upcoming EP and hopefully some classics like “Dim Sum Girl”, “Chinatown Huster” and “No Good MuthaBitch”.  MSG pound down emasculated Asian man stereotypes with hilarious lyricism and funky fresh dance moves. Add to that a big ol’ pile of sexayness (muscles, tats, and perms, ya’ll!) and you’ve got a group bigger than jeebus. 

This is what I imagine our first triple-date will look like...

This is what I imagine our first triple-date will look like...

And yes, this is an unabashed plug for MSG, just because they are five-fire-alarm Hawt. For instance! Char Char and I eagerly await and salivate over every Schoolhousin’ release:

Plus, I am promoting my own agenda of wooing all three and/or being a back up member for the group. I already showed Hunan after the last show that I can do not one, but two versions of The Sprinkler (rich man and poor man’s, foo!) and if the boys will just give me and my mom’fro a chance, I could be like the Lil’ Kim to their Notorious. Without all that nastay stuff, of course. Unless it’s for the sake of the art. Then I’m willing to make some compromises. For the art. 

Cbruhs, Hunan and Phab (demonstrating "soft fist to the cheek")

Cbruhs, Hunan and Phab (demonstrating "soft fist to the cheek")

Yo MSG! I live in Chinatown NYC too — meet you at 69 Restaurant?! How about the beef jerky/drug front store on Mulberry? Hello?

Saturday also happens to be my BRIPDAY, so it’s like a double dagger through my heart that I won’t be in town to sneak backstage. So I beseech you, dear readers, go in my stead (bring my cell number) and tell ’em Cbruhs sent ya. Aaaiiyoooogaaahh!


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