Straight Out of Zoolander 2: Da Nang Surplus Couture

Seriously. To borrow a joke from the Filipino comic, Kevin Camia, this shit isn’t just internalized/subtle racism (like your white friend saying, “Ethiopian food? EWWW!). This shit is on the real. If this clothing line, called Da-Nang Surplus ★ Indo-Chine were created by a Vietnamese person, I could not comprehend the wrath I would bring down on the designer. Why? Well, I’ll break it down, MLA-approved, paragraph by paragraph:

Picture 8

Let’s just start with the NAME. The way to spell Da Nang with Vietnamese accents (thanks French Colonialism for Romanizing our clicks and gulps!) is Đà Nẵng. So of course these geniuses decide to create their own language and put a circumflex above the A in Đà Nẵng and use no other accent? Why? Cause it looks more couture? And of course, the use of indo-chine in the brand name is classic. The term comes from the fact that Viet Nam was considered to never have its own culture, but rather, was an amalgam of the Indian and Chinese culture. And of course, the beloved use of the ★ in their name, reflecting the current flag of communist Viet Nam.

The best is the description of their clothing line on their website, titled “The Journey to Da-Nang”. Some highlights include:

  • A sojourn of style that had its origins in French Colonial Vietnamese art and civilisation found its way to California, thanks to a collective dream to create a fashion statement based more on culture than cliche. (I don’t know about you, but I enjoy my clothing to be French Colonized. And no, I don’t think you at Da Nang couture pulled off the “more on culture than cliche” that you promised)
  • The vision, inspired by the color, sights and artistry centered in the city of Danang, Southeast Asia’s cultural hub, soon sprang to life the form of an eclectic clothing collection. (What? Da Nang was the cultural hub of SEA? That’s news to me and probably news to Truong, the dude in my Viet Ngu class in college with the thick Da Nang accent— if only you guys new the real way to pronounce Da Nang, it sounds like it could be the two beeps from a text message from an unlocked Vietnamese cell phone).
  • Da-Nang, which emerged in January 2003, initially took flight through some witty pieces with military fits and eye catching embroidery details. (They combined MILITARY fits with EMBROIDERY details?! Gosh, I hope they don’t use any iteration of the word FUSION in the last part of their description)
  • With the California-bred notion of dressed down elegance fusing with both European and Asian-inspired charm, the subsequent collections for men, women and children surface as bohemian, comfortable and vintage in the best possible ways — as if you owned these pieces your entire life. (DOH! They went ahead and used the word FUSE. At least they didn’t use EUROASIAN…)

And WHERE can you purchase this high end Chico’s wannabe clothing? Well, if you’re in Sactown, try going to Madam Butterfly boutique at the Pavilions Shopping Center. NO F’N JOKE. Its like they pulled out all the damn Asian cliches from the playbook! More on culture than cliche?! STFU!

So what kind of celebrities are wearing these outfits? Well, you can click on their PRESS ROOM link and see that Suri Cruise is rocking their pink cargo pants in the People’s Magazine: KIDNAPPED ON VACATION issue. Classy? Yes!

Picture 1

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll leave you some choice photos from their 2007 Collection:

Picture 2Picture 3Picture 4Picture 5Picture 6Picture 7


6 thoughts on “Straight Out of Zoolander 2: Da Nang Surplus Couture

  1. Those last two pictures really get me. When someone tries to make anorexic white chicks look like buddhas or peasants or whatever the fuck it really annoys the hell out of me.


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  3. I saw an advertisement on for this and I flipped. This is the first time I’ve heard of this brand and before reading your post, I was enraged. You basically summed up how I felt about this brand.


  4. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this clothing on Zulily. Da Nang to me means things like the unnecessary and godless war we waged, deaths of innocent Vietnamese and so many Americans killed, damaged and ignored. Maybe many have forgotten or never knew history attached to the words Da Nang.


  5. wow I am glad I got 1 of their hoodies for only $5.00, I checked their website and they are a bit over priced for basics.


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