Don’t Mess with a KA (esp if you’re a 백인 남자애)

Seriously, who in their right mind would get drunk, start picking on a random dude on the street (who ends up being a Korean American/Mixed Martial Arts enthusiast) and then FOLLOW him back to his apartment to continue the fight? Not only does the drunk behgin namja eh get his ass handed to him, the KA is a lawyer. NOTE: contrary to the stereotype (and this example), not all Asian dudes are lawyers (only 80% of my AA friends are) and know martial arts (wouldn’t you AVOID AA dudes if you’re racist and believe in this stereotype? Just in Case?).

According to the YouTube info description:

Some crazy drunk guy attacked me on Wall Street late at night. He threw a punch at me so I punched him down to the ground in self defense. He followed me back to my building and attacked me again inside, which is caught on tape. I used BJJ to neutralize him until the police came. There are about 6 seconds missing due to the apartment building’s crappy copying where I ground and pounded him. Very bloody, but you can’t see it from the video. Big shout out to Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy in NYC where I train! Compared to my training partners, this guy was easy pickins’. FYI, I’m 5’6” 180 lbs and this guy was like 6 foot and 210 lbs. In addition to being an MMA enthusiast, I’m also an attorney. Bad luck for him.

This story came our way via the Hyphen Blog. Peep this month’s Family issue and support!


One thought on “Don’t Mess with a KA (esp if you’re a 백인 남자애)

  1. beautiful video!!

    lol, i wouldnt call it bad luck for the attacker, more like precision skill and intelligence on the part of the bjj attorney!!


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