That Gay Cowboy Dude is the Prince of Persia?

In case my Persian folks felt left out by Hollywood’s appropriation of minority fictional characters and transforming them into white folks, we at BcB bring you Prince of Persia himself:

Jake Gyllenhaal wouldn't even be able to play a modern day Persian dude in the VIP section at Tao rockin gold chains, Ed Hardy shirts, and a harem of hotness.

Wait, Jake Gyllenhaal!? Really? The Prince of Persia went side-scrolling 2D on my Commodore 64 straight to 3D on your kids’ Xboxes and now directly to the big screen… but somehow got a little more lily white along the way?!?! It’s ironic, cause video game developers nowadays are always researching and developing accurate plotlines and elaborate and historically correct video games (Like GTA: Chinatown). And Hollywood comes in and makes a Persian Prince white. Ridiculous. Makes you so angry, you wanna:

Prince of Persia3


2 thoughts on “That Gay Cowboy Dude is the Prince of Persia?

  1. I find it so telling how all these producer folks want to get the setting right and accurate, but don’t even think twice about hiring a white person to play an ethnic role. I guess authenticity doesn’t matter when it comes to roles for actors of color.


  2. Yeah, I mean they EASILY could’ve found an athletic, good-looking Persian guy to play the role; hell even an international actor for the role would’ve been better. The only thing I could think of is if Jake Gyllenhaal expressed a HUGE interest in playing the character the producers were like, “well, why the hell not, he’s a big name and he wants it, we like this guy!” How about that guy from the “Mummy” and “Resident Evil” movies; he would’ve been totally kick-ass.


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