Friday Fuckery: Asians Do Walken

Who doesn’t love them a little Christopher Walken? For your Friday enjoyment, a brief montage of peeps doin’ Walken impressions. Guess what? I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription…is more…

I think my fave is the guy reppin’ at :40 with the lion and good luck frame in the background that’s in every Viet/Chinese home and restaurant.

Hopefully someone will make another Asian-on-Walken medley with googlyeyes and a wowee-wow-wow-wow from the seductive champ-an-ya serving Continental.

And while we’re in the wonderful world of interracial impressions, here’s another for shits ‘n’ giggles:

Happy Weekend!

Thanks Char Char! And yes, that first guy is a cutie.


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