Another White Trash Terrorist

this is the shit i’m talking about when white people who show clear signs of being a danger to society and a threat to national security get a pass through because they are, wait for it….WHITE…no shit sherlock that white privilege and white preference does exist and very much permeates through our country.


Gary Fatso Frago

this fat son of a bitch city council member from some podunk town in the central valley  sent out some pretty disturbing and extremely racist emails to damn near everyone including,  a county supervisor, a city manager, a former police chief, and other various city “leaders”. the emails included shit that compared obama to oj and suggested “that “nigger rigs” should now be called “presidential solutions.”” the emails also included one that said sarah shitty palin was offered $1M to pose for playboy and michelle obama got the same offer from national geographics. now if that shit isn’t racially charged i dunno what the fuck is! this son of a bitch had the nerve to say that he didn’t see any harm in sending out those emails. reading the article makes my blood boil. had it been an islamic person sending out emails that called dick cheney and dubbya caged farm animals ready to be slaughtered and shipped to the butcher, i guarantee you, there would have been hell to pay. but of course all those who received the emails have either said they didn’t see any harm in them and that they were meant as jokes, or they’ve completely denied getting the emails. seriously? hello city attorney, be prepared to be contacted by the lawyers for the NAACP and perhaps Al Sharpton himself. for all those folks of color living in atwater, ca, i send my condolences and i have one piece of advice for you…MOVE!

below are the emails of the disgraced city council member Gary Frago and the City’s Mayor. Feel free to send your “harmless” emails their way and see how much they enjoy it.

Gary Frago – Fatass:

Joan Faul – Mayor:


3 thoughts on “Another White Trash Terrorist

  1. Gary Frago isn’t a threat to the country however he is a friggin’ idiot and was in highschool. Maybe the City of Atwater has a clause in their constitution that allows the removal of “disgraced” members of the Council. One thing for sure, the Atwater City Council is full of “good ole’ boys” & a girl. The city is about 50% hispanic now but the council is mostly white folks involved in Real Estate.


  2. What was not mentioned here is that this piece of s**t is paid over 25,000 per year for being on the council. He has also cost the city over 100,000 due to his racist antics and still is as arogant as ever about his e-mailing habits, just a lot more careful about who gets them. Oh yea, his buddy Mike Nelson was also complicit in this behavior but dodged the bullet, must be a shade smarter than Gary.


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