The Wedding Trailer

So there’s this one wedding videography company I ran across that does these amazing cinematic videos of a wedding, usually in one day. That means they record, edit, and play back the whole thing, a few minutes long, at the end of the wedding during the ceremony. Great stuff, plays like a trailer to a movie about a wedding. So great, in fact, that I checked out the website and ran across this trailer of a Japanese wedding. At first, I was like, hmm, interesting, a Japanese wedding. Then I was like, what? Japanese girl marrying a white dude in a traditional Japanese wedding? Then I realized the dude’s Indian, which for some reason, made my blood drop down from boiling to normal. Not sure what to think of that, other than to say, yes, I’m racial, but not necessarily racist. And yes, this is a REAL wedding video. And my favorite scene is when they’re rolling out in traditional South Asian garb with their shoulders popping (Japanese girl in a sari? HOT).

Enjoy, I know I did:


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