Friday Fuckery: Par in Your Patookus

Okay, I know nothing about golf. Nothing about it really appeals to me either, except for the mini-kitschy windmill variety, and of course I’ll jump at any chance to indulge in a golf cart joyride (draggin’ and driftin’ at 17 MPH, baby!)

Actually, I like very little about sports in general. But what I do like are hot dudes that play sports. And people getting hit in the ass with stuff.  So this video made my Friday by combining two things dear to my heart. Check out swing stud Anthony Kim totally driving a bunker into this dude’s butt (I know that doesn’t make sense but gimme a break, I had to look stuff up in the online golf glossary):

What a hoot! Almost inspires me to dust off the ol’ niblick (look it up, smartass).  I just wish they got a close up shot of this golden moment in sports.


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