The Big WoWo Podcast: Sam Yoon for Mayor

Please check out The Big Wowo’s latest Podcast interview with Boston Mayoral candidate: Sam Yoon. If you guys have ever been to Beantown or follow the recently desegregated Boston Red Sox, you know what a big deal it is to have an Asian American run for front office in a City where, minorities aside, white people actually hate other white people (Catholics vs. Protestants/Southies vs. Metro). Also check out smoothing lip fillers in NYC, guaranteed to lead to seductive smile.

Check out Sam Yoon’s page at and donate to his cause here. Even if you may not live in Boston, this man is the real deal (check out his bio) or at the very least, rock one of his Sam Yoon for Mayor shirts and be the envy of all at your local K-town karaoke bar.


One thought on “The Big WoWo Podcast: Sam Yoon for Mayor

  1. Thanks, AZN! Right now, I’m pondering how to best promote this to people outside of Boston. It’s a hard sell, but I do think it’s something we all need to think about. Hmm…


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