It is pronounced: VIET-na-mese. Not VI-ET-na-mese. VIET looks like it should be two syllables, but it is NOT. Vietnamese is a monosyllabic language so you would pronounce Viet Nam with just two syllables. So to the 5 customers here at Baoguette on St. Marks that keep saying Vi-et-na-mese when they’re ordering iced coffee or banh mi, please read this and pronounce it correctly. If you need help, think of the word PIER. You don’t pronounce it PI-ER, right???

I love Vi-et-na-mese rice wine from VI-ET-NAM


One thought on “Vi-et-namese

  1. I have never thought that someone can say VI-ET-na-mese. T.T
    Thanks for correcting people’s mispronounce my country name. ^_^


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