Imperialistic Viral Videos

I wanted to show you all three of these videos, and the only thin thread of relation between them all was that China, Japan and France occupied Viet Nam at some point in history. So without further ado, the fruits of Imperialism once again causing me to say, “How the hell did any of these countries control Viet Nam?”:

Cantonese Boy (The Canto version of Estelle and Yeezy’s American Boy- My favorite line is easily “Hong Kong used to be owned by the UK, gave it back to China so that you’ll say…”)

Yatta (Not really safe for work. And if it is, you might wanna consider working somewhere else):

Tony Parker’s Rap Video (I HATE French rap. Seriously. The only decent rapper ever was MC Solaar and that was like 20 years ago. Hating pro sports athletes that attempt to rap goes without saying… *cough* Shaq *cough* Ron Artest *cough* Kobe)


5 thoughts on “Imperialistic Viral Videos

  1. Actually, apparently that Yata video has an interesting political undertone. My Chinese friend who speaks Japanese told me that it’s about the seemingly-neverending recession in Japan. The weird leaf costume is a reference to the lyrics which basically translate into “As long as we have one leaf, we’ll be fine!” It’s a sarcastic take on the shitty economic situation in Japan.


    PS: Hanalei gave me the link to your blog. It’s groovy, I like it!


  2. i dunno what you’re talking bout. this canto boy vid is the shiz. i would tell that guy to fai dee ley in a hot minute too. plus, my moms likes it. Cbruhs tested, Mother approved.


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