Friday Fuckery: Bamboo Bicycle

Here’s an interesting new product – a bicycle made of “springy, light, sustainable and abundant” …BAMBOO. Not like I know anything about cyclin’ or being active in general, but maybe this is something all ya biker enthusiasts (AZN) can get hyphy about.

Comes with rattan leaf helmet

Comes with rattan leaf helmet

But hold up and wait a minute! This ride made from the wood of our peoples will set you back a whooppin’ $2695. Aish! In my opinion, bamboo should be got for free, namely when cut from your auntie’s backyard. But leave it up to hippie white folks to take something that should be cheap, tweak/import it and mark it up 3,00,000 % (i.e. Pier 1, Crate and Barrel). And if it’s “sustainable”, tack on another premium.  Wonder how long this’ll take to show up on Stuff White People Like. More importantly, do Asian folx get a discount, and can the parts disassemble into an ass whuppin’ stick?


6 thoughts on “Friday Fuckery: Bamboo Bicycle

  1. Sounds like a great idea. I have bamboo flooring, and it’s quite sturdy. I like bamboo. I blogged it here:

    From the link on the GOOD page, it looks like it’s quite the ride. Since it grows the way it does, I wonder if production will become easier (and cheaper) as more and more bikes are made. We have plenty of inexpensive bamboo chairs and flooring, so I would assume it would be possible to make relatively inexpensive bamboo bikes, once we figure out how.


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