Chicken Adobo is So Easy to Cook, Even a White Guy Can Do It!

UPDATE: Travis Kraft is half-Filipino according to (DO NOT OPEN AT WORK. I’m at a cafe and its already awkward enough).

Where the hell do I even start. After some discussion with my roommate, JipShady, we’re not sure if this guy, Travis Kraft (actor/director/model/cook/Asian aficionado) of is meant to be satire.

The man became (in)famous for this video, where he teaches us how to cook Chicken Adobo while SPEAKING TAGALOG. Considering only ONE of my 2 billion Catholic school Filipino classmate friends speak Tagalog, this guy must really be into the culture (and yes, I definitely consider this a fetish cause he loves the culture so much, he actually digs Filipino food). You know I’m not kidding, right? Cause I actually do appreciate me some Adobo.

If you like this guy that much, you can buy an authentic apron with a Filipino flag on it (or a dvd, which is weird cause the videos are free on YouTube).

What a hottie

Sobrang sexi itong lalaki!

And in case you want to see him in other videos:

How to Make Dinuguan (YUM! Pork Blood Stew! Not kidding, I like pork blood):

How to defend Asian people against the Blacks:

Him being interviewed by a Filipino TV station:

And in case my Korean American friends in K-town feel left out, here’s an amazing video montage of LA K-town that ends with an Asian brother getting strangled. THIS IS ART.

Just another case of the White Man appropriating Asian culture? Sure. Anything we can do he can do better? Maybe. Is it funny? Kinda. Do I hate the man? Yes.


7 thoughts on “Chicken Adobo is So Easy to Cook, Even a White Guy Can Do It!

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  2. from

    “‘I love the Philippines. Everyone is happy, smiling and beautiful all the time. The people make the Philippines beautiful,’ he says. Travis is single. He likes the kayumanggi (brown) and tsinita (chinese) types.

    ‘I like women who treat me good like those who give you a massage and who cook for you. I love the typical Filipina,’ he adds.”


  3. Also, OMG. Even my 4th gen nephew can speak better tagalog than that. I don’t know what’s worse, his tagalog or taglish.


  4. oh, AND. according to that link above, he’s NOT half filipino. i repeat, he’s NOT half filipino. his “adoptive” mother is filipino. whatever that means. maybe it’s like a “i once had a chinese exchange student living in my parent’s house” deal.


  5. lol i hope he marries a “typical” “kayumanggi (brown) or tsinita (chinese)” filipina, the type that “massage and cook for you”



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