Carnivorous Women vs Herbivorous Boys (Japan Only)

So apparently, as always, where there’s a quirky character trait that we may call out in one of our friends, like… say… metrosexuality, there inevitably is a whole movement that follows in Japan. In Japan they call it Herbivorous Boys and its old news from January that I’m only finding out about now (CNN Asia Article).

Metrosexual, Hipster, whatever the term...

Metrosexual, Hipster, Herbivorous Boys, whatever the term is...

The author who coined the term, Maki Fukaswa, says it describes men who are redefining what it is to be a man in Japan these days, where masculinity once reigned supreme (until now). They are called “Herbivorous Boys” since they are not interested in flesh. They are typically in their 20s and 30s, and usually surrounded by females because they believe that friendship without sex can exist between men and women.

There are apparently three reasons for the shift in Japan according to this article (where it is believed that 20% of the 20-30 year old male population fits under this category):  There are fewer children leading to less sibling rivalry/exam competition, they were brought up after the bubble economy of the 90s burst, and they follow the motto, “The nail that sticks up, gets hammered down”. This resulted in a population of men who were more delicate and highly averse to being hurt and willing to settle for less.

The best part has to be the rise of the female counterpart, which (surprise, surprise), they’re calling the carnivorous women. These women dress up like a famous model/actress (aren’t they all slashes?) named Yuri Ebihara (see picture below) who started a movement based on her nickname: Edi-chan. The “movement” is basically women copying outfits in magazines, following “How to get a man” guides, wearing girly pink, low-cut outfits at dating parties, and serving food all to get guys’ attention.

I'd love a bite of that. And the burger too... I'm just sayin'!

I'd love a bite of that. And the burger too... I'm just sayin'!

But apparently, all that work doesn’t work on the Herbivorous Boys, who are way more concerned with getting hurt and won’t approach females. These boys aren’t willing to take the initial step, a leap of faith (and the inevitably fall that follows).

My opinion on this? Hurray I say! Let’s flip the table on women, cause I’m tired of being the hunter. I’d rather be gathering women off the berry bushes then running around with Goose and Iceman trying to net me’s a womans at da club. At the very least, this will lead to less suicides on the Japanese subways, right? And leaves more meat for the carnivores…………..


5 thoughts on “Carnivorous Women vs Herbivorous Boys (Japan Only)

  1. “You’ve lost… that loving feeling! You’ve lost… that loving feeling! You’ve lost……. that loving feeling! Now it’s gone, gone, gone!”

    Sorry, when you mentioned Goose and Iceman, that’s all I could think of.


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  4. I like how they make herbivorous men seem so shocking, when they’ve always existed in any society. There are always guys who are less interested in girls and shy, however they have not been commonly accepted nor has it been a “movement” until now. Anyways, it’s nice to see gender getting blurred a bit. Is it really so shocking that they believe that wow GIRLS AND GUYS CAN BE FRIENDS WITHOUT SEX?! Is that really such a bad thing like how I see it portrayed in most media articles on this subject?


  5. Well this should be fun. It seems that the males are tired of the pressure to forecast women and hope your life doesn’t end on disaster. Now it’s women’s turn to try to hunt, Thought they won’t have it hard as we men do. It’s not hard to know when a guy likes you, Much less if he is sexually attracted to you.

    Well, As long as they experience something, It should make a bumpy ride.


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