Friday Fuckery: Back Up Off Me

Ahem. My first reaction to this, likely the same as for most of you, is a hearty: WTF?!

What's up Phil. Wanna hit the mall? Ok, let's mosey on ove- WHOA! DUDE!

Whassup Phil? Ready to hit the mall? Ok, let's mosey on over th-HOLEE SHITE!

According to  This new fad of cutting out the back half of your clothes is spreading like wildfire in Asia.  For one, trips to the bathroom are a lot quicker after eating all those noodles (really? It’s gotta be noodles, huh?) and secondly it gives you a little room in those crowded streets except for the old folks. (Huh?) Old Asian ladies love to grab them some free man ass. (Oh.)

Interesting analysis. But c’mon, is this for real? I have a hard time believing our cuzins “overseas” would actually be down to rock this um, aesthetic. I mean sure, our peepels are all about practicality, but we also value a little thing called modesty, aka not hanging your nalgas out for all schoolmates, train passengers, and your Ee-Mah to behold. Also, exposing half your body leaves one susceptible to undesirable elements like germs and rape, two things that are definitely impractical.

I mean, demi-god Prince barely pulled it off and his lack of cloth was limited to the assal area only:

Prince keeps it simple

Prince keeps it simple

And as we all know, any assless element typically goes better with a leather daddy/queer cowboy/Brooke Hogan look, not part of weekend streetwear or pricey NorthFace ski jackets.

Seeing as it’s Friday afternoon and I’m far too lazy, anyone want to help with some futher research on this alleged “fad”? With pictures please!


5 thoughts on “Friday Fuckery: Back Up Off Me

  1. I think this is because of the new Bratz dolls that have clothes that only snap on the front. Totally makes sense. Don’t have to pull down your pants to go potty. Don’t have to sweat a lot. It’s like perfect.


  2. Only Prince and maybe George Michael circa 1990 can really pull that look off. Everyone else… stay far far away! That being said, something tells me that this is just some random silly ass shit that the West pulls out of the Asian side of the internet and tries to portray it as yet another example of “those craaaaazy Asians!”


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